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X-Factor #109

January 5, 2015

X-Factor 109John Francis Moore & Todd DeZago // Jan Duursema
December 1994

By pitting the govt.-sanctioned mutant team against their Claremont forerunners, Moore et al could’ve added complexity to this mag’s concept. Instead they offer strike-force comics w/ macho posturing & overwrought dialogue. Then an autistic teen mutant cleans their clock & babbles nonsensically.

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The Uncanny X-Men #119

X-Factor #108

January 4, 2015

X-Factor 108John Francis Moore & Todd DeZago // Jan Duursema
November 1994

Nick Fury & Forge send the US govt. team to Israel in pursuit of Mystique, who aims to murder her late lover’s killer: the comatose, schizoid son of Prof Xavier. Sadly, Duursema (a woman) follows sexist ’90s conventions, drawing conical breasts & disproportionately long legs in the period Jim Lee style.

last issue: X-Factor #107
next issue: X-Factor #109

X-Factor #107

January 3, 2015

X-Factor 107Todd DeZago // Paul Borges
October 1994

Ah, ’90s X-comics! After Phalanx Covenant intruded on #106, #107 kicks off a 3-issue arc that acts as prologue to a prelude (!) for the next mutant X-over, Age of Apocalypse. Oddly it’s also a fill-in, by a pretty okay no-name artist. Strong Guy v. the Blob (of Freedom Force) on an airport runway.

last issue: X-Factor #106
next issue: X-Factor #108