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Daredevil #115

November 22, 2014

Daredevil 115Ed Brubaker // Michael Lark & Tonci Zonjic
March 2009

Easily this mag’s best arc since Murdock in Paris. Not every writer can handle the Hand, but Brubaker comes up w/ a new twist: they want Daredevil to lead them! S. Gaudiano inks w/ such vigor, he erases the difference btw lead pen & a back-up. In this, he’s as key to Lark as Janson was to Miller.

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The Immortal Iron Fist #14

December 2, 2010

Ed Brubaker & Matt Fraction // Kano, Clay Mann, & Tonci Zonjic
June 2008

Aja is missed, but Zonjic’s capable & the tale’s so good, it doesn’t matter. Bru & Frac harmonize their actors in a grand finale of kung fu: the Heroes for Hire, the Immortal Weapons, the women’s revolution, even Steel Serpent redeems himself. A satisfying conclusion to a superb 13-issue epic arc.

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The Immortal Iron Fist #13

December 1, 2010

Ed Brubaker & Matt Fraction // David Aja, Kano, & Tonci Zonjic
May 2008

Bru & Frac pull a superb bait-&-switch: this arc isn’t about a kung fu tourney at all, it’s about a revolution! The warriors join IF & help to defend heaven from terrorists! Craziest stake: will Fist archfoe Steel Serpent fight with them or against them? Aja, sadly, is nearly MIA & sadly missed.

continued from The Immortal Iron Fist: Orson Randall & the Green Mist of Death #1 of 1
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