Hawkeye #20

Hawkeye 20Matt Fraction // David Aja
November 2014

This arc has been a phenomenal backdoor pilot for Kate Bishop, Hawkeye—or a grand reward for her fans. Frac, as if acknowledging the character’s maturity, writes her finale in classic non-linear Hawkeye style. Try & put together the twists of this LA noir, or just marvel at Wu’s gangly teen heroine.

last issue: Hawkeye #19
next issue: Hawkeye #21


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2 Responses to “Hawkeye #20”

  1. jeremy09 Says:

    Again I have to draw attention to the skill in giving each scene in the timeline its own distinct color scheme. its important to visually tell the audience where(or should that be “when) they are because say, the darkness of the interrogation room or the teal and light blue in the back of the car

    • Aaron Strange Says:

      Good point! Yeah, you really can’t say enough about Hollingsworth’s palate. I first noticed him on Alias, Daredevil, the Bru/Cooke Catwoman, so I had him pegged for grit & noir. But he’s got such range and aptitude!

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