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Hawkeye #20

January 23, 2016

Hawkeye 20Matt Fraction // David Aja
November 2014

This arc has been a phenomenal backdoor pilot for Kate Bishop, Hawkeye—or a grand reward for her fans. Frac, as if acknowledging the character’s maturity, writes her finale in classic non-linear Hawkeye style. Try & put together the twists of this LA noir, or just marvel at Wu’s gangly teen heroine.

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Hawkeye #18

January 21, 2016

Matt Fraction // Annie Wu
May 2014

Fraction reveals that his LA plot has been a film noir all along (of course). Its California corruption is a plot to keep the rich young & immortal, and it’s run by Kate’s archenemy. The Elliot Gould detective even has a link to vampirism: he’s a minor character from Marvel’s classic Dracula!

last issue: Hawkeye #17
next issue: Hawkeye #19

Hawkeye #16

January 19, 2016

Hawkeye 16Matt Fraction // Annie Wu
February 2014

If any run can shoulder an out-of-sequence issue, it’s Frac’s Hawkeye. Hawkgirl helps a reclusive ’60s musician (a stand-in for Brian Wilson) get his mojo back. Note that this sidekick arc is also a variation on Peter Parker (life lessons of a super-teen) the same month that Ms. Marvel debuts.

last issue: Hawkeye #15
next issue: Hawkeye #17

Hawkeye #14

January 17, 2016

Hawkeye 14Matt Fraction // Annie Wu
January 2014

Back to LA, where Kate has gone to learn the hero-ropes solo. She makes delightful mistakes as she helps a gay couple & finds a mentor in… Elliott Gould from The Long Goodbye?! Comparing Wu to Aja isn’t fair, & misses how her loose, lively style expands on the youthful tone of these Cali adventures.

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next issue: Hawkeye #15

Hawkeye #8

January 10, 2016

Hawkeye 08Matt Fraction // David Aja with Annie Wu
April 2013

The redheaded femme drags Barton into another encounter with the tracksuit gangsters of “Little Irkutsk”. Delightfully, she gets the evil eye from the other gals in H’s life: Widow, Hawkgirl, Mockingb, & naïve GF Spider-W. Covers to fake romance comics, by Wu, act as exposition and punctuation.

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