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Moon Knight #6

December 29, 2015

Moon Knight 6Warren Ellis // Declan Shalvey
October 2014

Ellis’ brief runs show the power of varying your method each issue. MK #2 & #5 were tight, one-scene actioner; #6 is a hypercompressed story, doubling as an origin recap for Knight & as the creation & defeat of a copycat vigilante. He’s built into a threat superbly, then instantly outclassed by MK.

last issue: Moon Knight #5
next issue: Moon Knight #7

Moon Knight #1

December 24, 2015

Moon Knight 1Warren Ellis // Declan Shalvey
May 2014

In white suit & limo, Moon Knight hunts a killer Frankenstein cyborg under NYC. Four years after his last series, this 1970s riff on the Shadow gets resurrected again by a master at overhauls. In Ellis’ hands, MK’s a gentleman detective haunted by a weird entity from outside time; Shalvey adds ghostly atmo.

next issue: Moon Knight #2

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