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X-Factor #107

January 3, 2015

X-Factor 107Todd DeZago // Paul Borges
October 1994

Ah, ’90s X-comics! After Phalanx Covenant intruded on #106, #107 kicks off a 3-issue arc that acts as prologue to a prelude (!) for the next mutant X-over, Age of Apocalypse. Oddly it’s also a fill-in, by a pretty okay no-name artist. Strong Guy v. the Blob (of Freedom Force) on an airport runway.

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The X-Men #7

May 19, 2010

Stan Lee // Jack Kirby
September 1964
After running bi-monthly for a year, The X-Men celebrates by presenting its teens w/ diplomas. Prof X bows out, leaving behind a marvelous piece of  Kirbytech: Cerebro, a mutant detector. And happily, before yet another brawl w/ Magneto & the Blob, the gang visits a kooky coffeeshop in the Village.
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The X-Men #3

May 15, 2010

Stan Lee // Jack Kirby
January 1964
The issue duplicates #2 but at a circus. The X-Men fight a mutant whose defensive power—morbid obesity!—require a Prof X mindwipe. But Lee finally supplies the teens w/ 2-D attributes: stoic leader, playboy, teen (ie Johnny Storm redux), girl (oy), &, w/ a touch of irony, a brainy bruiser.
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