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The Fantastic Four #354

July 13, 2013

Fantastic Four 354Walt Simonson
July 1991
The team erases the records of the MU before it’s interdicted by a temporal agency (a la Anti-Monitor!). Simonson adds his comic-surreal touch by engineering the team’s escape aboard a transdimensional locomotive! An imaginative finale to a marvelous run that’s stressed adventure over crimefighting.
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The Fantastic Four #353

July 12, 2013

Fantastic Four 353Walt Simonson
June 1991
Walt’s found his groove. The Four have been detained by an omniversal bureaucracy that polices spacetime for continuity infractions—like #337-41! A preposterous SF idea, it epitomizes the sense of fun that Simonson has brought to his FF run. Even his art—like the Thing’s extra-rocky hide—sizzles.
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The Fantastic Four #352

July 11, 2013

Fantastic Four 352Walt Simonson
May 1991
An ingenious issue of SF comics! While the team escapes from Doom’s traps, Mr F duels the Doc across a half-hour of time-jumps. The issue’s time-coded so readers can follow the action linearly or hop achronologically with the combat. Even the cover, a flashback to #350, is a panel in the story!
[continued from The Fantastic Four #350]
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The Fantastic Four #350

July 10, 2013

Fantastic Four 350Walt Simonson
March 1991
An extra-long ish sees Dr. Doom cure She-Thing’s condition, &, ironically, Ben Grimm regain his rocky hide. Then Doom traps the team at his Ruritanian castle to challenge Reed to a time-duel! Simonson doesn’t quite have Doom’s voice down. But his art has bigger problems: Milgrom inks a rush job, eliminating the backgrounds & losing WS’s heavy line; the colorist washes out the remainder.
[continued in The Fantastic Four #352]
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The Fantastic Four #349

July 9, 2013

Fantastic Four 349Walt Simonson // Arthur Adams & Gracine Tanaka
February 1991
A dozen players chase a Maguffin, an egg that hatches a robot WMD. Mr. F & Mole Man hold the focus; Wolverine & Ghost Rider never seem wholly present. Simonson doesn’t have a handle on the guests’ voices or superpowes. His strongest suit, aside from Mr. F himself, is approaching comic books as fun.
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The Fantastic Four #348

July 8, 2013

Fantastic Four 348Walt Simonson // Arthur Adams
January 1991
A team of A-list solo guests sows the mag’s tongue in its cheek. But other than the goof, WS has no use for them; it’s Adams who justifies the cameos. His style has a toon-like element—esp. lovely monsters & Sue’s doe eyes—which looks past the Image era to super-manga like Joes Maduriera & Quesada.
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The Fantastic Four #347

July 7, 2013

Fantastic Four 347Walt Simonson
December 1990
A renegade Skrull zaps the Four then recruits a 1990 Marvel marketer’s dream-team to replace them. Meanwhile, Simonson brings in more monsters, in this case Kirby kaiju! Adams’ baroque art has all the density of the era’s unfortunate style but, bonus, a sense of anatomy, backgrounds, & pacing.
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The Fantastic Four #346

July 6, 2013

Fantastic Four 346Walt Simonson
November 1990
The 4+1, sans powers (except for a Thing exosuit), help a GI squad survive a time-displaced isle. Simonson’s signature is a stylized dinosaur, so it’s no surprise he revels in this 2-issue adventure. But he takes time to enrich the romance btw Ben & She-Thing, who proposes staying in the Cretaceous.
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The Fantastic Four #345

July 5, 2013

Fantastic Four 345Walt Simonson
October 1990
The FF skid through a time-storm to land on a Pacific isle—packed with dinosaurs! Simonson adds to the pulp conceit by sapping the team of their powers. Ben, already human, steps up to act the mensch with his paramour, Sharon Ventura, who’s anxious about her body now that it’s flesh instead of rock!
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The Fantastic Four #344

July 4, 2013

Fantastic Four 344Walt Simonson
September 1990
To avert WW3 on a parallel Earth, the Four & She-Thing tussle w/ a cyborg Stalin piloting a mecha suit! Simonson is inspired, a contrast in tone to the era’s gun-toting urban vigilantism. His art, however, carries a rugged weight & vibrant SFX—he’s like Chaykin’s younger, more popular brother.
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The Fantastic Four #343

July 3, 2013

Fantastic Four 343Walt Simonson
August 1990
The team have landed on a parallel Earth where Pres. Quayle & 100-year-old Stalin prep for WW3. Funny, since reality, where the SU is imploding & the US fights a recession! But the true-blue heroics contrast happily w/ super-comics’ fad for antiheroes. Plus WS looks great after WS’s month off.
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The Fantastic Four #342

July 2, 2013

Fantastic Four 342Danny Fingeroth // Rex Valve
July 1990
Editor Macchio pulls a fill-in from his files, flashing back to ’88 (Engleheart’s era—a spikey Thing!). The wet tale revises a skippable issue from Byrne’s run: a teen kills himself by emulating the Torch. Overwrought emo, a tin ear for slang, and a finale that has Johnny rap with kids about suicide.
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The Fantastic Four #341

July 1, 2013

Fantastic Four 341Walt Simonson
June 1990
Rather than consume the universe, Galactus commits euthanasia by that Kirby ex machina, the Ultimate Nullifier. Reed defeats a space succubus just as easily. As bold as Simonson’s art is, his plot feels too indebted to King Jack’s retro SF; he’s not pioneering a new perspective the way his Thor did.
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The Fantastic Four #340

June 30, 2013

Fantastic Four 340Walt Simonson
May 1990
Mr. F, the heroic focus of this arc, susses a Celestial plan to weaponize Galactus & tosses the Kirby God into G’s black hole! WS writes super-drama underpinned by grandiose beings & fantastic machinery, a la the King; his art, since Thor, has added a fine-lined filigree in the Art Adams manner.
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The Fantastic Four #339

June 29, 2013

Fantastic Four 339Walt Simonson
April 1990
Delightful super-SF comics. To destroy the black-hole machinery of mighty Galactus, Reed & the gang refit a space empire’s munitions plants as interstellar depth charges! Also, Simonson pauses the space adventure to indulge in a heavyweight superhero boy: Thor v. an alien Superman analog.
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The Fantastic Four #338

June 28, 2013

Fantastic Four 338Walt Simonson
March 1990
A multiversal trio of Kangs race a space succubus to harness a black hole. Our heroes learn that it’s actually feeding Galactus, & also must contend w/ an oddball marc from the future. Confused? This SF adventure couples grandiosity w/ whimsy, as when the team skirts the hole’s event horizon!
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The Fantastic Four #337

June 27, 2013

Fantastic Four 337Walt Simonson
February 1990
The ebullient Simonson writes, draws, & inks! Reed’s latest experiment, an explosion of op-art, leads to a Ditko embolism in spacetime (a dangling thread from Walt’s Avengers run). So the team + a few Avengers pile into a time sled, whose “redundency existentialators” help penetrate the bubble!
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The Fantastic Four #336

June 26, 2013

Fantastic Four 336Walt Simonson // Ron Lim
January 1990
In a unique victory, Dr. Richards defeats Congress! He pokes enough holes in the concept of a federally mandated registration act to table the bill (HS 39110). Then a Doombot ends Acts of Vengeance & Grimm, in his robosuit, kayos an android. Also note: the covers to #334-6 are their own comic!
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The Fantastic Four #335

June 25, 2013

Fantastic Four 335Walt Simonson // Rich Buckler
late December 1989
The FF testify for a Congressional sub-committee. The scene lets Simonson dismantle the silly “realism” of registering superheroes from left, right, & center. Sounds dull, but he also turns out a moderately entertaining farce as more D-listers flail clumsily in their attempts to fight the Four.
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The Fantastic Four #334

June 24, 2013

Fantastic Four 334Walt Simonson // Rich Buckler
early December 1989
Simonson debuts & instantly shifts the mag’s tone from lugubrious to lighthearted. As part of the Acts of Vengeance crossover, he pits the FF against D-list supervillains (who can’t even get in the building!). Buckler’s three-tier grid has a cheery flatness, but he does realistic, expressive faces.
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