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Iron Man #6

October 13, 2013

Iron Man 06Warren Ellis // Adi Granov
May 2006

#6 is mostly combat, plus a reveal of the villain: Stark’s foil, a hard-drinking technocrat idealist who’s compromised her ethics. But Ellis succumbs to Bush-era morality himself, as his protag kills a domestic terrorist (a zap to the skull!?). Tho’ Iron Man is now powered up, he’s a doubtful hero.

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Iron Man #5

October 12, 2013

Iron Man 05Warren Ellis // Adi Granov
March 2006

Having nanites reprogram his neurons to interface w/ his armor, Stark metamorphosizes in a literal cocoon! The quiet lets Ellis modernize IM’s origin story & draw parallels w/ the upgrade. He’s writing futuristic SF, refashioning the title char as a posthuman supersoldier in the War on Terror.

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Iron Man #4

October 11, 2013

Iron Man 04Warren Ellis // Adi Granov
October 2005

Tho’ it benefits from refs to current events & a post-9/11 morality, the glacial pacing both w/in the mag & in publication begins to hobble Ellis’ revamp. This issue is especially slow, as a wounded Tony injects himself w/ nanites to heal & beat his latest foe, a far-right nut w/ the same power-up.

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Iron Man #3

October 10, 2013

Iron Man 03Warren Ellis // Adi Granov
March 2005

Mostly action this ish, as IM fights a domestic terrorist souped up w/ supersoldier nanotech on a freeway. Ellis lends his protag his sheer pleasure of piloting hi-tech super-armor. The arc’s cinematic quality is underscored by the hyper-realism & gridwork, which is less comics than storyboards.

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Iron Man #2

October 9, 2013

Iron Man 02Warren Ellis // Adi Granov
February 2005

Tony, in his creative/CEO role, basks in an A. Rand halo, but that’s overwhelmed by his guru, who acts as superb mouthpiece for Ellis’s countercultural technophilia. It’s radical stuff, esp. for a mainstream comic—good enough to overwhelm the fumetti-like art, which plummets into the uncanny valley.

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Iron Man #1

October 8, 2013

Iron Man 01Warren Ellis // Adi Granov
January 2005

Concurrent w/ a soft Avengers reboot, W. Ellis assumes control of IM. He’s a great pick: obsessed by 21C future-tech & attitude. He also updates the timeline to show how Stark supplied arms in Afghanistan, & now feels guilty. Granov’s “realistic” computer art, however, comes off as phony & stilted.

continued from Iron Man #89
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