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The Fantastic Four #268

January 23, 2011

John Byrne
July 1984
Byrne doesn’t take much time to mourn the awful events of last issue. That’s a real shame.  Instead, he delivers a surreal, faintly ridiculous dust-up w/ Dr. Doom’s mask, controlled remotely. Would’ve been nice to see new teammate She-Hulk solve the problem, but as usual, it’s Reed to the rescue.
[continued in The Fantastic Four Annual #18]
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The Fantastic Four #267

January 22, 2011

John Byrne
June 1984
W/ his wife undergoing a fraught & ultimately stillborn labor, Reed seeks a specialist in radiation: Dr. Octopus! The liberal optimism of his trust in a supervillain plus the dramatic focus on Reed & the stress on family distinguish this issue as the peak of Byrne’s FF run as well as its midpoint.
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[next issue: The Fantastic Four #268]