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Generation Next #1 of 4

January 21, 2015

Generation Next #1 of 4Scott Lobdell // Chris Bachalo
March 1995

The Gen X analog feels fresher than most of the Age of Apocalypse‘s pocket reboot. Some cast members return powered up (ex: M, a Supergirl type, is now a supercomputer!), while new mutants imply Gen X tales to come. Bachalo’s action can be hard to parse, but his idiosyncratic style adds character.

continued from X-Men: Alpha #1 of 1
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New X-Men #131

November 16, 2012

Grant Morrison // John Paul Leon
late October 2002
GM writes an artful variation on the usual X-soap, contrasting a domestic drama with a comedic underplot. Cyclops initiates a psychic affair w/ bad girl Emma. JPL’s scratchy style doesn’t quite mine the surreal potential. Also, two unglamorous X-students, outcasts of the new mutants, hook up.
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New X-Men #130

November 15, 2012

Grant Morrison // Igor Kordey
early October 2002
Kordey finally hits the right tone, a murky horrorshow. The Prof faces a fractal consciousness that infects by touch (Claremont-like psi-villainy!); Jean gets exposition from a mystery man. This super-conscientious objector is  Fantomex, AKA Weapon XIII—which makes Logan’s “Weapon X” the number 10!
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New X-Men #129

November 14, 2012

Grant Morrison // Igor Kordey
September 2002

A new antihero—a suave French mutant named for Fantomas & costumed like Diabolik—improves greatly on Gambit. But imagine what JH Williams III could do w/ the master thief & his beaux arts UFO! Kordey’s just wrong for this mag. Another clever revision: Weapon X = 10, and big bad number XII is loose!

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New X-Men #128

November 13, 2012

Grant Morrison // Igor Kordey
late August 2002

NXM double-ships this month! But #128 is much worse than #127. That’s due to Kordey, whose hideous chunky lines undercut the arc’s cosmopolitan tone & subtle psychology. Jean’s Phoenix & Scott’s inhibitions threaten the marriage. And in Europe, X-mutants stage a rescue op in the Channel Tunnel.

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