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Marvel Boy #6 of 6

February 24, 2015

Marvel Boy 6 of 6Grant Morrison // J.G. Jones
March 2001

Closure for an origin arc (#1 + 4-6): Noh-Varr the super-Kree helps his GF defeat her megalomaniac dad, then he’s incarcerated by SHIELD. He’s an outsider in the grand Marvel manner, pitted even against that tradition. Such raw potential in this character & also in GM’s style, not picked up till Nextwave.

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Captain America #453

October 3, 2012

Mark Waid // Ron Garney & Pico Rinaldi
July 1996
How can Our Hero reach Camp David from the Balkans quickly so he can stop a cyborg from stealing nuke codes out of Clinton’s hand? He asks a favor from Doom—his second alliance w/ a despot in Waid’s run! Garney does his best work on the series, tho’ it’s undercut by a mediocre associate.
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Captain America #450

September 30, 2012

Mark Waid // Ron Garney
April 1996
With crossover kudzu past, Waid/Garney rev their run back up. Rogers has quit playing CA before (more than once!), but this man-on-the-run twist has him fired instead. In the Oval Office, Pres. Clinton reveals that Cap’s the lone suspect in a security breach—and exiles him from the US!
[continued from The Avengers #396]
[last issue: Captain America #449]
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Captain America #445

September 10, 2012

Mark Waid // Ron Garney
November 1995
In a nice parallel scene, an empty coffin is interred at Arlington as medtech rejuvenates the Captain. The save comes via the Red Skull (who’s body is a Cap clone, you’ll recall). The real surprise is his sidekick: the late Sharon Carter! Otherwise, it’s mostly jumpsuited thugs in secret bases.
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Captain America #444

September 9, 2012

Mark Waid // Ron Garney
October 1995
Waid, already mid-run on a superb Flash for DC, briefly adds this mag to his resumé. His debut ish eulogizes Cap, killed by his own super-serum—or was he? The Avengers honor his courage by announcing his death & fighting terrorists in standard ’90s robo-suits at the Jefferson Memorial.
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