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Daredevil #14

December 25, 2011

Stan Lee // John Romita
March 1966

Ish #14 caps the mag’s detour into the glamorous tropes of the international superspy. The horned hero stops an English lord (in gaudy costume) from using a ray-gun to conquer the world. Romita, now solo on DD & showing fizzy chemistry w/ Lee, echos Kirby’s perspec but already has those full faces.

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Daredevil #13

December 24, 2011

Stan Lee // Jack Kirby & John Romita
February 1966

Propelled by Kirby’s imagination, Daredevil shoots off on a tangent. Ka-Zar, lord of a polar Lost World, has a super-metal inheritance sought by his evil bro, pirates, & a spy-ring! Did I mention DD’s power loss, combat w/ a caveman, or a sabre-toothed tiger’s fight w/ a carnivorous plant?

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Daredevil #12

December 23, 2011

Stan Lee // Jack Kirby & John Romita
January 1966

Now monthly, Daredevil gets a new artist: John Romita. His balanced classical style, honed on romance comics, sits oddly atop Kirby’s dynamo layouts & fevered creativity. DD gets pressganged by a pirate (in 18C togs) & his submersible sailing ship, bound for a Cretaceous oasis & its Tarzan.

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Alias #24

August 2, 2010

Brian Michael Bendis // Michael Gaydos
September 2003

We’ve seen Jessica Jones lash out before, but not like this—vomiting (morning sickness?) & literally flying off. All cuz of a case involving the Purple Man, an old DD villain w/ the power to control minds. The prior Spider-Woman arc beautifully foreshadowed this theme of Jess as exploited victim.

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The X-Men #10

May 22, 2010

Stan Lee // Jack Kirby
March 1965
The X-Men discover a Land That Time Forgot under Antarctica, giving Kirby the opportunity to draw dinosaurs, sabretooth tigers, jungle flora & barbarian hordes. It’s sensational to look at but pretty derivative, esp. the Tarzan rip-off, Ka-Zar (whose comic debut, FYI, was Marvel #1 back in ’39!).
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