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The Amazing X-Men #2 of 4

January 18, 2015

Amazing X-Men 2 of 4Fabian Nicieza // Andy Kubert
April 1995

Nicieza uses the What If…? scenario to debut a visually snazzy baddie. Abyss coils an inky 2D body to create a 3D dimensional fold! His “wicked” personality is more old-hat, quipping cruelly & kidnapping kids. The mini implies X-soap & sketches a dour atmo well, tho’ its fights are muddled.

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New X-Men #142

November 27, 2012

Grant Morrison // Chris Bachalo
early August 2003
Gloomy Scott Summers gets drunk w/ Wolverine at the Hellfire Club (now a mutants-only gentleman’s club). Tho’ Bachalo’s nose-heavy toons, strong outlines, & sense of pace are great, fine acting is his short suit. GM doesn’t give Wolvie the Zen wisdom that he’s had previously, but his Cyke is strong.
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The Pulse #10

May 13, 2011

Brian Michael Bendis // Michael Lark
September 2005

Lark’s etched style is perfect for a journalist’s perspective on the alt-verse of House of M, in which Magneto has instituted apartheid against humanity. Or it would be, except that the late Hawkeye detours thru this ish on his way from #5 of the HoM mini to #7, angsting about his resurrection.

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