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X-Men: Chronicles #1 of 2

February 14, 2015

X-Men Chronicles 1 of 2Howard Mackie // Terry Dodson
March 1995

Chronicles replaces the quarterly X-mag for the Age of Apocalypse, a sort of What If…? riff on Days of Future Past, w/ a remit to provide backstory. The first mission of Magneto’s team: to prevent an evil mutant, Apocalypse, from stealing US nukes. Mackie, a hack, writes flat characterization & generic bombast. He fumbles the death of Scarlet Witch, meant to be a pivotal sacrifice & the end of innocence. Dodson, however, draws in a buoyant style that owes a quite a bit to ‘good girl’ art.

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Quicksilver #10

July 20, 2013

Quicksilver 10John Ostrander & Joe Edkin // Derec Aucoin
August 1998

The speedster’s short-lived series detours into a Ms. Marvel-centric Avengers crossover. Pietro, sis, & old pal Hawkeye stop a Kree superweapon & rescue Ms. M, whose liquor problem has (too) quickly rendered her incompetent. Auc’s outlined shapes & dark shadows are contempo reaction to Image excess.

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