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Captain America #2

November 7, 2015

Captain America 5.02Ed Brubaker // Steve McNiven
October 2011

A WW2 platoon, long MIA in dreamspace, resurfaces as a HYDRA terrorist cell! As a variation on Cap‘s man-out-of-time archetype it’s fairly mind-blowing. And it has the bonus of Bru’s theme of mind & neurosis. Unexpectedly, McNiv integrates the surrealism with his cinematic realism quite well.

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Captain America #1

November 5, 2015

Captain America 5.01Ed Brubaker // Steve McNiven
September 2011

Marvel gives Cap a new #1 for his red-carpet rollout, & snaps his status quo back 5 years—pre-Civil War! Brubaker doesn’t break stride, writing an ish that could’ve been v. 5 #22. The funeral of Cap’s WW2 flame produces yet another retconned superspy from the Nazi era: Peggy Carter’s jilted lover.

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Captain America #49

September 12, 2015

Captain America 49Ed Brubaker // Luke Ross
June 2009

The mag shifts to a novelistic pace as Sharon Carter begins to recover repressed memories, incl. her pregnancy & Cap’s aborted resurrection. #49 extends the themes of mind & memory in other ways too, mirroring its protag’s convalescence w/ ’50s Cap’s amnesia & Aunt Peggy’s Alzheimers.

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Captain America #10

August 2, 2015

Captain America 10Ed Brubaker // Lee Weeks
October 2005

Week’s fill-in art adds little to the long-perspective reminisce that provides backstory for the alt-timeline that’s swept across Marvel’s comics. In one early fork, Cap & Bucky kill Baron Zemo then capture Hitler! But Cap makes enemies in the ’50s “Mutant Scare”—& walks on the moon in ’55!

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Avengers Annual 1999

August 10, 2013

Avengers Annual 1999Kurt Busiek & John Francis Moore // Leonardo Manco
July 1999

This action-adventure pits the Avengers against a squad of Sentinels repurposed to replace the once-MIA superheroes. The concept has Busiek’s fingerprints: adoration for the title team & its inspiring effect on everyday citizens. For it’s Jarvis who shuts the robots down, & a support technician who’d programmed them. Standard annual fare, tho’ Manco does good cyber-horror a la Barry Windsor-Smith.

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Tales of Suspense #77: Captain America

January 22, 2012

Stan Lee // Jack Kirby & John Romita
May 1966
B-story: *****
Cap’s first essential tale since his revival, this mini-drama must be exactly how the supersoldier spent WW2. Flashback to the Liberation of Paris, when Cap loses his g’friend, a liaison with the Resistance. Marvel’s best romance artist, Romita, ghosts his passionate faces over Kirby’s layouts.
[A-story: Iron Man]
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Tales of Suspense #64: Captain America

January 8, 2012

Stan Lee // Jack Kirby
April 1965
B-story: ***
Cap & Bucky team w/ a blonde agent to sock a Nazi vaudevillean (& his freak) who sows terror by ‘predicting’ stateside attacks. Take the time to compare this 10-page tale w/ the 7-page 1941 original. It’s got the same headlong momentum & 2D characters but stronger pacing & almost grotesque artwork.
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