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The Fantastic Four #609

December 30, 2013

Fantastic Four 609Jonathan Hickman // Ryan Stegman
October 2012

Millar’s superteam from the future returns to refit Galactus’ corpse as a starship & sets course for the future at light-speed. Over his run, Hickman has improved on Millar’s high concept by adding spacetime wrinkles. Stegman, another penciler from the bullpen, comes in to help JH close the run.

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FF #21

The Fantastic Four #573

November 14, 2013

Fantastic Four 573Jonathan Hickman // Neil Edwards
January 2010

Hickman picks up one of Millar’s plots—a prefab Earth-2 inhabited by superheroes from the future—in a one-off of remarkably dense storytelling. It’s similar to Grant Morrison’s style: lots of gee-whiz ideas & hyper-compression. But Edwards, in from the bullpen, has no aptitude for compressed comics.

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